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Kenya KEEP Schools

Not only do we help sponsor students but we also provide support to these schools in many ways. Through generous donations we provide educational tools and supplies, food, clean water and hygiene items to just name a few. Below is a list of the schools and some of the projects and services Kenya KEEP provides.
Schools - (MAP Coming Soon!)

SIANA Primary School

UKIA GIRLS Secondary School

MUINDI MBINGU Boys Secondary School

OLOLULUNGA Vision Academy



EMMANUEL Primary School

Water Tank Project

Two schools Emmanuel Primary School located in the Kibera slum (where over a million people live) of Nairobi and Ukia Girls Secondary School in central Kenya were in desperate need of water tanks.

Through generous contributors we were able to supply these tanks.

Photos of the water tanks and them being installed at Ukia Girls Secondary School.

Sanitary Napkins for Girls

At Kenya KEEP, we committed to help female students not miss a week of school each month because they can't afford to buy sanitary napkins. We have a program that will provide a girl 12 months of sanitary napkins, 4 pairs of panties, and a informational brochure about good health

Clean Drinking Water

See Information on the donation page.

Male Underwear Program

More Some male students cannot afford to buy underwear. In May 2017 we started a campaign to buy 228 boys 6 pair of underwear during our 2017 trip. Like the sanitary towel program for girls this is a program that we will continue to do and ask for your support. $20.00 will buy 12 pairs of underwear. On the donation page click the Donate button under General Donation and write in Male Underwear. Thanks!

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KenyaKEEP Programs

Kenya KEEP programs include a variety of donation and community based projects.

Not only to help sponsor worthy students to obtain an education that they might not otherwise receive, but we also provide programs to improve the quality of education and the quality of life.

If you or your organization has an idea or wishes to participate in one of our programs, please feel free to contact us!

Help Support Kenya KEEP!!

Local Community Projects

Community Organizations are a strong asset to help Kenya KEEP fufill its mission to raise the quality of education for all Kenyans. These organizations provide invaluable support in many areas by helping to raise awareness, creating educational outreach programs as well as financial support.

Below are just a couple of the organizations and the many ways they are supporting the people of Kenya!

The Las Vegas Chapter of The Links

The Las Vegas Chapter of The Links is continuing their pen pal program through Kenya KEEP with primary students at Igamba Primary in Kenya and Rainbow Dreams Academy in Las Vegas, NV . The Links chapter has set a goal of providing sanitary napkins to 200 girls at multiple schools in 2016. This year The Links contributed $250 to the Igamba Primary meal program that feeds 30 pre-school children and 25 primary students.

The Las Vegas Alumnae Chapter of
Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

The Las Vegas Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. continues to provide scholarships to student in primary school and high school. They were the first organization to see the importance of providing not only the female students they sponsor with sanitary napkins, but also others girls who could not afford to buy this needed item.

Does your organization have an idea for a program? Contact us!